Aloha At Our Intersections

Aloha Intersection

Every single morning I interact with Aloha at the intersections. Aloha saves me from being a bad parent and having mad kids. No matter how hard I try to get out of the house earlier, I always find myself and my five boys loading up into the car a few minutes too late. If not for the kind folks who, by the way, are also on their way to dropping their kids off at school I would probably be seen as a deadbeat Dad. It’s not something they have to do its something they want to do. Their right of way is to pull through that intersection and not even give me a second thought as I wait at the stop sign. After all, they have the right of way. Instead every day, people I don’t even know, choose put their right away to get to their destination right away in the back seat and let me pull out in front of them first. This simple act of kindness brings such joy to me and then I get the chance to pay it forward at the next intersection. What if we applied this idea of Aloha at our intersections to every interaction we have in our lives? What if we realized that every single conversation will either be a collision or a collaboration? What if instead of trying to speed through every intersection to get to our destination we saw that person as the whole point of why we are there? When someone is talking to me am I looking at my watch, looking over their shoulder, thinking of what I’m going to do or say next? What if, just as the person in the other car signals me to go ahead of them, I signaled to the person talking to me that they are the most important person in that moment? When someone looks me in the eyes, responds with sincerity in their voice, asks a follow up question to what I was saying I feel truly heard. When I feel heard I feel loved. When I feel loved I begin to love others in the same way. You and I are going to have lots of interactions with people today. Some will be with people we want to talk to. Some will be with people we have to talk to. Some will be with people we would rather avoid or wish were not in my way. Each of these interactions is an intersection. I will either speed right through these intersections with efficiency insisting that my right of way is the right way or I will slow down and show some Aloha. Maybe, just maybe, I need to them to go ahead of me. Maybe, just maybe I need to take to heart what they have to say. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be better off in the long run by taking second and letting others go first.

Wisdom At The Intersection