Eight Isn’t Enough

I was water baptized right here in Kona!

I was water baptized right here in Kona!

You know, even though God waited patiently all the days that Noah built the ship, only a few were saved then, eight to be exact – saved from the water by the water. The waters of baptism do that for you, not washing away dirt from your skin but by presenting you through Jesus’ resurrection before God with a clear conscience. 1 Peter 3:20-21 (MSG)

I’m so thankful for Peter showing us through Scripture that God’s heart has always been that everyone would have a chance to be saved from their sins. Through the revelation of the Holy Spirit Peter tells us how God hoped that others would turn back to Him during the building of the Ark. Even though the flood was coming as a judgment upon the sin of man God was still providing a way of escape. Biblical scholars believe it was a hundred years of building the ark and preaching righteousness to the people. Sadly, only Noah’s family followed God on to that Ark. Only eight were baptized by the water then, but through Christ anyone who repents and receives the forgiveness of Christ can escape the judgment to come! God has been waiting for us to turn to Him! Let’s not put it off. Now is the time! In fact Peter revisits this thought in 2 Peter 3:9 revealing that just as in the days of Noah, God is still waiting as long as possible for people to turn to Him: “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about water baptism lately. After repenting, receiving Christ’s forgiveness, and giving Him my life as a young boy, I was water baptized by my father right here in Kona along with my brother and some of our friends. Now, over 30 years later I will be baptizing my seven year old Benjamin who is the same age I was in the same waters. How amazing to do for my son what my father did for me. Adding to my excitement is the possibility that so soon after arriving here in Kona there will be others who will join us in the water on August 10th to do the same! God has been taking His time to provide as much time as possible for people to turn to Him through the sacrifice and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ! God’s heart is that eight is not enough. Noah’s family was saved, but He wanted all. My family is saved, but that’s not enough. I want to see as many as possible find Christ, find forgiveness, find freedom and celebrate this inward work through the outward sign of water baptism!

I pray that You would stir even now in the hearts of men and women across this island the desire to make public through water baptism what You have done in their hearts! That we would see how You have been waiting for this moment! That man and woman, young and old, rich and poor, cross-cultural and cross-denominational would gather together to celebrate the fact that eight was not enough. It’s wasn’t enough in Noah’s day and it’s not enough today. Christ died and rose again so that all would come to the saving knowledge of You! Nothing celebrates this reality better then a public water baptism! May we come together as never before! May those who do not know You yet have opportunity to meet You before August 10th!

Water Baptism Sunday, August 10. – Join us after service at New Hope Legacy on August 10, 1:00PM, at Old Kona Airport (Pavilion #4), for Baptism Sunday! A time for potluck and talking story will follow the baptisms. Bring enough food for you and a friend! If you are interested in being baptized, go to http://newhopelegacy.com/baptism