Then he called for his son Solomon, and charged him to build a house for the Lord God of Israel. David said to Solomon, “My son, I had intended to build a house to the name of the Lord my God. But the word of the Lord came to me… ‘(Solomon) shall build a house for My name.'” 1 Chronicles 22:6-7,10

David was standing at an intersection of faith. This would be one of the greatest tests of his heart before the Lord. Which way would he go? For many years David had amassed supplies, drawn up plans, gathered artisans and skilled workers, made alliances with suppliers all for the building of the Temple. Now God was asking him to take everything he had been planning and dreaming of and give it to his son Solomon. David loved his son Solomon, but this was David’s project… for God right? This was going to be David’s greatest accomplishment. The building of the Temple would be what David would be remembered for generations to come. Now, God was saying this would be Solomon’s greatest accomplishment. Now, the building of the Temple would be what Solomon would be known for generations to come. David had the best intentions, but God had different instructions. This was not how David saw this playing out event though this was clearly part of God’s plan all along.

When my good intentions collide with God’s instructions I find myself at the same crucial intersection as David did. If I’m more committed to my good intentions for God then instructions from God I may be tempted to treat it is an interruption that I can ignore. Like ignoring a stop light at an intersection this can have disastrous results for me and and many others. What if David had sped up instead of slowing down? What if he had held on instead of letting go? This intersection I find myself in is causing me to realize I only a saw a small part of the big plan God had. I’m shifting into third gear and God is saying put on the breaks because He needs me to see that none of this has been about me. How I pass through this intersection of faith will directly effect the cars following right behind me. I’ve heard the saying many times that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Intersections are God’s way of making sure we are working on the right road for the right reasons. This his how the religious leaders of Jesus’ day could be so certain they were working for God when they were actually fighting Him. Some where along the way, if I’m not careful I can end up doing the same thing. If my good intentions for God don’t take a back seat to divine instructions from God then who is truly driving this car? Will I be spiritually stubborn as the Pharisees of old or will I fully surrender as David did? How I respond will set either set up those who are following after with success or failure. The consequences of my choices impact parenting, business, and ministry. For example, my good intentions were to continue to reach Seattle for Jesus. I had my plans in place and then God interrupted with something I never saw coming. He called me back to Kona. What would I have missed if I held my ground there? What would I have been fighting God on instead of celebrating with God in?

I’m slowing down this morning. I see this intersection of faith coming up quick through my windshield. I’m not going to try and gun it before it turns red. I’m going to slow down to see what You are showing me. What have You been planning all along that my plans blinded me from seeing? What if none of this was about me, but rather about what I’m putting in place for those who will follow after me? What instructions have I ignored as interruptions because they didn’t match up with my good intentions? I’ve arrived at an intersection of faith. Which way will I go?