Lowercase Thinking


After their defeat, Ben-hadad’s officers said to him, “The Israelite gods are gods of the hills; that is why they won. But we can beat them easily on the plains. 1 Kings 20:23 (NLT)

Ben-hadad was trying to come up with a logical explanation for their defeat. After all, he was a powerful King with a powerful army who was allied with 32 other kings and their armies. There’s no reason King Ahab and his insignificant Israelite army should have won the battle. They should have been obliterated. Instead Ben-hadad and his allies were soundly defeated and sent running. So, he arrived at a conclusion that fell right in line with the lowercase thinking of their belief system. They had always known their gods to be limited in their jurisdiction and authority. Moon god, water god, harvest god, goat god and so on. Obviously, that’s why they had been defeated. The Israelites must be serving a lowercase god of the hills. So, it added up that they would defeat Israel on the plains. After all, one god can’t reign in two different places at the same time right? Ben-hadad was about to have a rude awakening as his lowercase thinking encountered the only uppercase God. The God of Heaven was also the God of earth. The God of Israel had spoken all of creation into existence. There was no end to His jurisdiction or authority. Uppercase God reigned supremely over the hills and the plains, the mountains and the valleys, the moon, the water, the harvest and yes… even the goats. Ben-hadad and his armies had no leg to stand on because no matter where they stood, it belonged to the One True God.

If there’s no limit to God’s authority and jurisdiction why do I treat my uppercase God with lowercase thinking? Why do I limit what my God can do based on my lowercase logic? God helped me find a house in Kona, but He wont be able to in Oahu because it’s so much more expensive there. God showed me how to pastor His church here in Kona but wont be able to at New Hope Oahu because it’s so much larger then anything I have ever served at. God helped me father my boys when they were younger but now that they are in Junior High and High School I will probably fail to see the way. God has healed my cold but He wont heal her cancer. God called me back from rebellion but probably wont be able to bring their prodigal son back home. How are these scenarios any different the the lowercase logic of Ben-hadad’s “he’s the god of the hills, but not of the plains”? I’m setting myself and those I serve up for certain defeat if I keep this lowercase thinking about my uppercase God. Why do I continue to try and limit a limitless God?

Forgive me Lord for forgetting how big You truly are! I repent for limiting Your authority and jurisdiction in my life, family, city and Your Church! You reign over the hills! You reign over the plains! You reign over Big Island. You reign over Oahu. You reign over me… all the time… no matter where… no matter what!

Since you have been raised to new life with Christ, set your sights on the realities of heaven, where Christ sits in the place of honor at God’s right hand. Colossians 3:1

Getting to know our Uppercase God through His Word!

Getting to know our Uppercase God through His Word!