The Multitasking God

Multitasking Mommy

I realized that no one can discover everything God is doing under the sun. Not even the wisest people discover everything, no matter what they claim. Ecclesiastes 8:17

King Solomon, the wisest man to ever live just confirmed in his vast wisdom, we really don’t have a clue what God is up to. We see glimpses and smidgens and occasionally two puzzle pieces fit together, but we don’t see the whole picture of what our amazing God is up to an any given moment. I’m not just talking about what God is doing around the world. I’m talking about what God is doing right now in this Starbucks where I am writing this journal entry. God is up to something with the barista behind the espresso machine, the student buried in her books next to me, and the guy who jut drove by my window in the drive-thru. Every interaction I read of in Scripture between Jesus and any person reveals very quickly that there is much more going on then what that person originally thought was going on. I am struck with my own utter arrogance that I could think that at any given moment I could actually make a decision, plot an action, or establish a plan apart from the counsel of my God through His Word and Spirit. The exciting part about this is that my God is a God of action not stasis. He is inviting me in on the adventure. He is doing too much in one moment to show me everything but He will reveal to me next steps if I take the time to seek Him. There are two things I need to realize here. First, only God can know everything God is up to. Secondly, I don’t need to know everything God is up to, just the next thing He’s inviting me in to! This is a beautiful invitation to live life with the Multitasking God. A life of living and moving and having my being wrapped up in Him!

Apparently I’m not so great at the multitasking thing. My wife Cyndi is amazing. She can be talking on the phone to her boss, while entering data on the computer, while hearing an argument on the other side of the house between two of our boys, while coming up with a solution to said argument, and planning out what we will all be having for dinner that night. I am constantly in awe of this ability to do so many things at once so well. She expects the same of me. It doesn’t work out well. For example, Cyndi will ask me to cook something for dinner while I’m talking on the phone. This request usually results in a failed conversation with lots of gaps in between words or failed cuisine with lots of gaps where flavor should have been. All I ask is for one thing to do at a time and that one thing will be done really well. I’m realizing recently that God is much more like my wife then me when it comes to multitasking. I had thought my one thing was to find a home where we could live in Kona. God made sure it was the house right across the street from the Delovios who would become fast friends. I had thought my one thing when I moved to Kona was to pastor this amazing church. It turns that was just the one thing God was showing me at the moment. While I was doing my one thing well God was awakening a call to ministry in the hearts and lives of our new neighbors the Delovios. While I was doing my one thing in filling in every now and then at New Hope Oahu for my mentor Pastor Wayne Cordeiro God was giving me a burden for the city that I didn’t know what to do with. That wasn’t my one thing. Was it? It turns out the Multitasking God hadn’t called me to be the permanent Senior Pastor at New Hope Legacy but to be the search committee for the permanent Senior Pastor of New Hope Legacy. It turns out that the Delovios weren’t just our neighbors or friends but were our replacements! God was raising them up for here while simultaneously prepping me to move to Oahu to join with Pastor Wayne in pastoring over there. I just didn’t see what God was up to while I was up to doing my one thing!

Lord, I stand in awe of what You have been up to. Every now and then You lift the veil and I see so much more then what I thought was going on. Thank you for inviting me in on this adventure of faith. I may not be able to cook and talk on the phone at the same time, but I give my life to seek You first in all that I do so I don’t miss out on what You are doing!